Team India


Eligibility / qualification rules for TEAM INDIA 2014 Indoor Racquetball

4 Spots available for World Championships

  • All interested Indian players must be registered with Racquetball Association of India (RAI)
  • All interested players should have played at least 3 Local Tournaments in Open / A Level and one International/National/State tournament inA/Elite/Open/Pro Level before the Qualifiers
  • Even if you are not an A/Open/Pro Level Player the player has to play in those categories to be considered for the team as that will be the least level of play at the World Championships
  • To be recognized as an Indian Player, you MUST have one of the three
    1. Indian Birth Certificate
    2. Indian Passport
    3. OCI Card (Legal Document issued by the Indian Government) + Indian Birth Certificate
  • If you are in India due to lack of infrastructure the player must play at least 2 tournaments recognized by any of the following organizations IRF, ARF, ERF, USRA, Japan or S.Korea, Canada, Central America or South America
  • If there is a qualified Indian Player physically based in India he is eligible to be assigned Spot#4 only upon review by Racquetball Association of India and/or IRF
  • Players must meet all requirements to be considered
  • Any conflicts during the selection process or thereafter will be resolved by the tournament director and Racquetball Association of India

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